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What We Do

Rock Paper Records is a mostly digitally-based record label, with offices in Harrisburg, PA and Grand Rapids, MI. We provide representation, management, development, and more, along with an understanding of where our bands and artists strive to be, guiding their careers to the next “stepping stone” in their ever-changing and developing careers.

We are “music nerds” with a deep appreciation for music and want to see the “little guys and gals” succeed. Our company has a grassroots based philosophy: provide the best results that grow relationships and garnish the lowest costs, while having fun, being ourselves, and growing our culture, all the while sustaining community engagement and being environmentally conscious.

The marriage between internet technology and music evolution, and mixing that with our team’s passion, experience, and determination, allows RPR to become a powerful force in being the spokespersons for the bands and artists trying to fight their way to where they want to be. Our goal is to get you to your musical goals.

Additional Services

In addition to what we have to offer our signed bands, we can also lend a helping hand to other artists and bands in several ways. These include creating and printing promotional items such banners and stickers, manufacturing your CD (jewelcases, digipacks, promo copies, and more), merch development and manufacturing, digital distribution, and graphic design (logos, release artwork, t-shirt design, etc.) to name a few.

Please contact us to learn more and get a quote for your project!

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