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Happy Birthday, Disconnectionism

Happy Birthday to Hello Dharma's Disconnectionism! It was released one year ago on April 28, 2015. Check these guys out live and stay tuned for some new tunes!

Happy Birthday, Stereo Types

Happy Birthday to Very Americans' Stereo Types! It was released two years ago on March 18, 2014.

Thursday Therapy Sessions

Great news! After nearly a two year hiatus, we're bringing Thursday Therapy Sessions back! Follow us on Facebook to get your recommended dose of suggested tunes and give these hard working bands some love. And, hey, you never know.. some of these might just end up of the RPR roster, a la Strange Fur and Worn Out Tigers.

Hello Dharma Track Premiere

The good people at Speak Into My Good Eye premiered the first single, "Disconnect," from Hello Dharma's new EP "Disconnectionism," which is out tomorrow, April 28, 2015.

Please Welcome Hello Dharma!

News, News, News! RPR has a new member of the family, Hello Dharma! This four piece alternative band from DC will rock your socks off with their eclectic sound that combines pop driven melodies with a hard rock edge. Check up on 'em and give them a warm welcome! Stay tuned for news about their upcoming EP!

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